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Title: Correlating heat and mass transfer coefficients for thermosolutal convection within a porous annulus of a circular shape: case of internal pollutants spreading
Authors: RAGUI, Karim
BOUTRA, Abdelkader
LABSI, Nabila
BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled
Issue Date: Feb-2018
Abstract: The main purpose of our investigation is to show the impact of pertinent parameters; such Lewis and porous thermal Rayleigh numbers as well as the buoyancy and the aspect ratios; on the double-diffusive convection phenomena which occur within a porous annulus; found between a cold (and less concentric) outer circular cylinder and a hot (and concentric) inner one, to come out with global correlations which predict the mean transfer rates in such annulus. To do so, the physical model for the momentum conservation equation is made using the Brinkman extension of the classical Darcy equation. The set of coupled equations is solved using the finite volume method and the SIMPLER algorithm. Summarizing the numerical predictions, global correlations of overall transfer within the porous annulus as a function of the governing studied parameters are set forth which predict within ±2% the numerical results. These correlations may count as a complement to previous researches done in the case a Newtonian-fluid annulus. It is to note that the validity of the computing code used was ascertained by comparing our results with the experimental data and numerical ones already available in the literature.
Description: Article, Heat and Mass Transfer,volume 54,pages 2061–2078, 2018
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