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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Numerical Simulation of Mixed Convection in a Lid Driven Cavity with Porous Obstacle Using (MRT-LBM)BOURADA, Abderrahmane; BOUARNOUNA, Kaoutar; BOUTRA, Abdelkader; BENZEMA, Mahdi; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled
2018-06Circular heat and solute source within a viscoplastic porous enclosure: The critical source dimension for optimum transfersRAGUI, Karim; BOUTRA, Abdelkader; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled; BENNACER, Rachid
2018Heat transfer convection of a power law fluid flow within a parallel plate channel provided with two generating obstaclesBOUDIAF, Ahlem; DANANE, Fetta; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled; LABSI, Nabila; BOUTRA, Abdelkader
2018-023D analysis of the combined effects of thermal buoyancy and viscous dissipation on the mixed convection of Bingham plastic fluid in a rectangular channelDANANE, Fetta; BOUDIAF, Ahlem; BOUTRA, Abdelkader; LABSI, Nabila; OUYAHIA, Seif-Eddine; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled
2018Progress on numerical simulation of yield stress fluid flows (Part I): Correlating thermosolutal coefficients of Bingham plastics within a porous annulus of a circular shapeRAGUI, Karim; BOUTRA, Abdelkader; BENNACER, Rachid; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled
2018-02Correlating heat and mass transfer coefficients for thermosolutal convection within a porous annulus of a circular shape: case of internal pollutants spreadingRAGUI, Karim; BOUTRA, Abdelkader; BENNACER, Rachid; LABSI, Nabila; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled
2018-02Convection heat transfer inside a lid-driven cavity filled with a shear-thinning Herschel–Bulkley fluidLABSI, Nabila; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled; BOUTRA, Abdelkader; TITOUAH, Meriem
2019Multiple-Relaxation-Time Lattice Boltzmann Model for Flow and Convective Heat Transfer in Channel with Porous MediaBOUARNOUNA, Kaoutar; BOUTRA, Abdelkader; RAGUI, Karim; LABSI, Nabila; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled
2018-04Mixed Convection of a Bingham Fluid in Differentially Heated Square Enclosure with PartitionsBOUTRA, Abdelkader; RAGUI, Karim; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled; LABSI, Nabila
2017Lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection in cubical enclosures for Bingham plastic fluidBOUTRA, Abdelkader; BENKAHLA, Youb Khaled; AMEZIANI, Djamel Eddine; BENNACER, Rachid